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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions that
achieve measureable results and ROI value.
Strategic Marketing

Dimensions Marketing provides links and access to essential resources and specialised talents required throughout the planning and implementation phases.


Fact. “Clients know their products better that we ever will.” We can only offer advice and provide the sounding board – “use it don’t use it stuff”, that ultimately will contribute towards their success.


Integral components, forming the backbone of successful marketing campaigns include:


  • Creative Brainstorming.

  • Market Intelligence, trends and statistics.

  • Project Management and Co-ordination.

  • Communication and evaluation.

  • Flexibility to change.


Digital Media

Meaningful communication relies on visual images and techniques with impact. From the simplest overhead transparency, to sophisticated multi-media or Augmented Reality 3D productions, each has its own rightful place of ownership.


Techniques and trends are mercurial. Ultimately the content and quality of a communication medium relies on excellent creative skills and craftsmanship tempered with experience in the industry with it’s rapidly changing facets.


Some of our services include:

  • Web page design, construction, and maintenance and links to social media.

  • Interactive media presentations and digital online brochures.

  • 3D Animation, Fusion media and Mobile Applications.

  • Social media pages and profiles


Creative Design & Fulfilment

There is no excuse for substandard creative work and execution. What you invest in is what you get out. Our 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of the communications process ensures effective, cost - efficient utilisation of budgets to deliver a desired result.

From concept to final product, Dimensions co-ordinates in-house and outsourced talents without prostituting our clients’ pockets.


Facilities/ Services include:

  • DTP Studio (Mac and PC based).

  • Multimedia Digital Studio.

  • Photographic & Video production.

  • Music composition, Sound & Video editing.

  • Copywriting & proofing

  • Print & Production fulfillment. 


Public relations, eventing, sponsorships and promotions are managed by a team of local and international specialists.

Social media (in an intelligent strategic format) controls many businesses and brands. Building relationships with journalists, media owners, specialist associations and personalities is essential. Profiling and identifying specific target markets through a combination of

Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Apps and Google is crucial with analytics to support strategic marketing decisions.

Smart devices utilising a rapidly improving bandwidth are opening up opportunities for all to prosper.

Watch this space!

Through the Line Advertising

Dimensions provides a variety of comprehensive media-evaluation services. Our specialist partners and media owners work closely together to translate briefs into intelligent schedule proposals.

Material development and timeous distribution to meet professional industry standards and deadlines is crucial to ensure budgets are utilised efficiently. Placement and auditing of advertising campaigns across all media types falls in-line with the standard Advertising ethics and principals.


Media Management Services:

  • Print media (magazines and press).

  • Broadcast media (radio and television).

  • Out of Home and Direct Response campaigns.

  • Online and social media strategic plans.

  • Below the Line, digital signage and POS.


Production Management

Dimensions is a multi-faceted tightly knit group of individuals with a wealth of experience in a variety of below-the-line activities such as:


  • Event Management & Staging.

  • Product Launches & Industrial Theatre.

  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows.

  • Corporate Functions & Social events.

  • Seminars – Sales and Management.

  • Multi-Media and Audio -Visual Productions.

  • Sponsorships and media management.

  • Social Responsibility and Community activities.


The Global Market is shrinking and new developments in communication technology are monitored continuously through our international partners and local organisations to ensure we are able to meet or exceed client expectations.


Brand Development

This “buzzword” of the Marketing industry simply means “Understanding the market, it’s likes and dislikes”.


Honesty and integrity is clearly reflected in a brand – our function is to mould it, giving it character, an identity and appeal - memorable Intellectual Capital that has a true value utilising accurate analytics and metrices to support marketing activities.

Brand Workshops focus and combine clients' vision with management interpretation to present a unified message and culture for the business and its personnel.



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