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Leading Provider of legal counsel for a comprehensive range of services
with over 40 years experience serving our clients in business,
personal, and community matters.



Administration of Estates and Wills

Commercial Contracts

Conveyancing Assistance

Criminal Law

Debt Collecting

Divorce and Family Law

Litigation & Arbitration

Property Law



Agriculture & Farming

Estates & Property Ownership

Nature & Environment 

Energy & Mining

Matrimony, ANC

Magistrate's Court

Attorney Profile

Litigator in Mpumalanga.

Property Sales

Belfast & Dullstroom

Petrus Johannes Badenhorst.

B.Comm LL.B.

"Petri" is a qualified Attorney and  Managing Director of Badenhorst Attorneys, with right of appearance in the Supreme Court.

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3%.Com Properties® is a national franchise network of Attorneys and Conveyancers that specialise in marketing and selling immovable property legally and effectively.

The operation provides a comprehensive service to property owners and buyers including the valuation, marketing, selling and transferring of residential and commercial property.

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